Otorhinolaryngologists diagnose and treat various ear, nose and throat diseases. Our surgery unit in Tallinn offers different medical examinations and operations under general anaesthetic as well as using local anaesthetic.

    Our otorhinolaryngologists in Tallinn and Tartu receive patients with the following concerns:

    • enlarged tonsils
    • cronic tonsillitis
    • snoring
    • mouth breathing
    • sleep-related breathing disorders
    • allergic rhinitis (hay fever)
    • cronic pharyngitis (sore throat)
    • cronic tracheitis
    • sinusitis
    • frequent nosebleeds
    • nose breathing obstruction
    • middle or outer ear infections
    • foreign bodies in the nose or the ear canal
    • other ear, nose and throat disease related problems

    Otorhinolaryngologists co-operate with other specialists

    Otorhinolaryngologists co-operate closely with pulmonlogists, neurologists, gastroenterologists, GPs and dentists and orthodontists. They are often the first to notice nose breathing obstructions and subsequent dental disorders. Treatment of breathing obstructions continues with the co-operation with myofunctional therapists.


    Our clinic also includes the Nordic Sleep Centre, which specialises in the examination and treatment of sleep disorders. Ear, nose and throat diseases are often related to the development of sleep disorders and patients visit different specialists in the clinic to guarantee the best possible treatment.


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