If the appointment is cancelled less than 24h prior to the arranged time or the patient fails to show up to the appointment, Pea-ja Kaelakirurgia OÜ reserves the right to charge the client a fee of 20€.

Otorhinolaryngologist (Ear, Nose & Throat Doctor)
Otorhinolaryngologist appointment up to 30 min 70€
Neurologist appointment up to 45 min (adults) 100€
Pulmonologist appointment up to 30 min (from 16 y) 70€
Nurse appointment up to 30 min 35€
Maxillofacial surgeon
Maxillofacial surgeon consultation up to 30 min 50€
Maxillofacial surgeon consultation up to 15 min 30€
Head and neck surgeon
Head and neck surgeon appointment up to 30 min 70€
Hand surgeon
Hand surgeon appointment up to 30 min 70€
Internal medicine physician
Internal medicine physician appointment up to 30 min 70€
Gastroenterologist appointment up to 30 min (from 18 y) 70€
Speech therapy
Speech therapy appointment up to 60 min (voice and swallowing disorders) 60€
Myofunctional therapy
Initial myofunctional therapy appointment 60€
Recurring myofunctional therapy appointment 35€
Physiotherapeutic evaluation and consultation for adults up to 60 min 60€
Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapist appointment up to 60 min 60€
Nutritionist appointment up to 60 min 60€
Mental health
Psychologist appointment up to 60 min 60€
Family therapist up to 1.5 hours 130€
Couples therapy up to 1.5 hours 130€
Nordic Sleep Centre
Sleep counsellor appointment 50€
Doctor appointment for breathing disorder suspicion (snoring, sleep apnea) 70€
Oral appliance snoring treatment consultation 25€
Oral appliance Narval 690€
Sleep nurse appointment 35€
Automatic Positive Airway Pressure (APAP) device testing up to 14 days 100€
Polysomnography (PSG) 460€
Polysomnography (PSG) for children up to 19 years 300€
Polygraphy (PG) 260€
Polygraphy (PG) at home 200€
Extended EEG with polysomnography (*) 75€
Multiple Sleep Latency Test MSLT(*) 150€
Maintenance of Wakefulness test MWT 1 day 150€
Electroencephalography EEG 150€
Limited breathing disorder test ApneaLink 70€
Actimetry (long-term movement recording) ActiWatch 30€
NightBalance test period (up to 28 days) 50€
NightBalance sleep position trainer 550€
Ronfless anti snoring device 70€
An advance payment of 70€ is required to confirm a PSG, PG or EEG test.
The advance payment can only be used for tests and cannot be refunded.
Sleep test price includes accommodation, catering, data analysis by sleep specialists.
A follow-up sleep physician appointment will be needed to interpret the results of the test
and compile a treatment plan, with an additional cost of 35€.
(*)MSLT and extended EEG can only be conducted in addition to PSG
Otorhinolaryngologic (ENT) surgery operations
Surgical removal of adenoid under general anaesthetic 400€
Surgical removal of adenoid and paracentesis with shunting under general anaesthetic 550€
Surgical removal of tonsils under general anaesthetic 470€
Surgical removal of adenoid and tonsils during the same operation 550€
Removal of nasal polyps using local anaesthetic 250€
Coblation using local anaesthetic 250€
Coblation under general anaesthetic 400€
Soft palate coblation 375€
Paracentesis under general anaesthetic 250€
Paracentesis with shunting under general anaesthetic 300€
Uvulopalatoplasty - soft palate plastic surgery under general anaesthetic 500€
Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty (UPPP) - removal of tonsils, soft palate plastic surgery 600€
Pharyngoplasty under general anaesthetic 400€
Throat microsurgery under general anaesthetic 1100€
DISE - endoscopic assessment of the respiratory tract under general anaesthetic 250€
Septoplasty under general anaesthetic 650€
Alarplasty (plastic surgery of the wing of the nose) 890€
Loboplasty (earlobe reshaping) 690€
Pinnaplasty (ear pinning surgery) 890€
Oral and Maxillofacial and Head and Neck surgery operations
Some procedures can be carried out using local OR general anaesthetics. Detailed information will be provided by the doctor.
Removal of four wisdom teeth from 550€
Removal of wisdom tooth / retained tooth from 150€
Tongue or lip tie division from 80€
Surgical treatment of pericoronitis from 30€
Abscess incision and drainage surgery from 80€
Oroantral fistula closure surgery from 200€
Surgical treatment of jaw cyst from 150€
Maxillary Sinusotomy from 200€
Sinus lift from 450€
Bone grafting from 400€
Plastic surgery of bone from 700€
Orthognathic surgery (upper or lower jaw) 2000€
Oral cavity tumour removal from 150€
Foreign body removal from the oral cavity from 70€
Mucosoplasty (oral mucosaplastic surgery) from 150€
Surgical treatment of salivary gland tumours from 990€
Thyroid resection complex price 3000€
Lip resection and plastic surgery from 225€
Electrosurgic procedure for the skin from 80€
Skin tumour removal, including plastic surgery if necessary from 190€
Subcutis tumour removal from 240€
Blepharoplasty (plastic surgery of the eyelids) from 850€
Hand surgery operations
Surgical treatment of tendon sheath infection and tendon injuries 350€
Surgical treatment of Dupuytren's disease 750€
Surgical treatment of upper limb spastic conditions upon agreement based on the condition of the disease
Children’s hand malformation diagnosis and treatment upon agreement based on the condition of the malformation
Microsurgical restoration of upper limb and hand nerve damage 850€
Surgical treatment of upper limb osteoarthritis from 350€
Foreign body / small implant removal from 650€
Surgical treatment of upper limb benign cysts and tumours from 350€
Hand-wrist bone deformation corrective surgery from 1200€
Upper limb arthroscopic/mini-arthrotomy surgery from 980€
An additional price will be added for anaesthetics for hand surgery operations requiring general anaesthesia