Couples Therapy

With the help of a family therapist, couples therapy focuses on the couple and what is going on in the relationship through the extended family system. In couples therapy, the therapist helps both partners to take a deeper look at their relationship, resolve differences and find ways to improve the quality of the relationship.

    Couples therapy can help a couple to find a solution to a specific problem, prevent the accumulation of existing problems, or simply allow the so-called happy couple to assess the condition of their relationship during a stressful period and deal with it if necessary. In therapy, it is possible to develop awareness and various skills that are important for achieving and maintaining the emotional closeness between partners, also for understanding and communicating with each other and for solving problems.


    The most common reasons for seeking couples therapy are:

    • communication difficulties, eg constant conflicts, silence;
    • decreased or absent emotional and physical intimacy;
    • ambivalent feelings about your relationship – whether to stay together or separate;
    • constant disagreements and quarrels over raising children
    • side relationships;
    • coping with divorce or separation;
    • diseases of family members and coping with them;



    Couples therapy (up to 90 min) 130 €
    Family therapy (up to 90 min) 130 €