Mental health

Our mission is to understand a person's integrity and proceed from one's individual life - their experiences, traumas, joys and worries - while taking family and couple relationships into account. It is our belief that the psychotherapy centre must be safe, respect the person's privacy and all special features.

    We believe that experiences, relationships, and the traumas we experience affect how we see and relate to our world. Therapy is an opportunity for us to make long-term changes and contribute to personal growth. We use interventions based on science and elaborate theories. We believe that change takes time. A closer look at oneself and a trusting relationship between the therapist and the client are essential for change.


    Our team includes highly qualified professionals. We are very interested in all your thoughts, feelings, relationships, identity and nature – everything that makes you whole. We work with people individually, in addition to couples and families.


    The centre is based on the implementation of psychodynamic, family and couples therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy. We offer both short and long-term therapy.


    We work with adolescents, adults and parents of children and adolescents, focusing on a variety of emotional and psychological issues, including depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship difficulties, pain, crises, career problems, and personal spiritual growth.


    Together we will find the best solution for every situation!